Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Scott has given up the other woman in his life.


Yep, he sold his beloved truck Evelyn. I am so sad, but she went to a good family that will take care of her. (sounds like I am talking about a pet dog) ha!

He has always referred to his truck as Evelyn and would even talk to her. If I ever gave a cross look to it, he would stroke the dashboard and say "She doesn't mean it, she is sorry" Yes, he was crazy.

But alas, it was his next truck will be his friend Met's truck, Squaw.

Scott and Met are dorks.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes, I am still here.....

Not much to post today....Kinda slow in the life of TNT's Nina. Which scares me because I feel that something is going to go know that feeling? Anyway, since I don't have anything exciting to share.... I will put my ipod on shuffle and give you the first 10 songs and tell you why I love them. Exciting? You bet your sweet ass it is!

Ok here goes nothing...

1. Love and Happiness-Al Green. What can I say, this man is BRILLIANT! Very fond memories of seeing him in concert. He is mine and Billy's Elvis. So sorry my Dad missed it, even though he doesn't like live music....this was good!

2. Let's Get Deeper- Howard Hewett. I could go on and on for days, but I won't. love him

3. Changing Tides-Brian Culbertson. Nice Mellow music....(no words, sorry Scott)

4. Star People-George Michael. One of my guilty pleasures....I love me some George Michael and love this song. It gets you out of a bad mood fast....good for today.

5. I miss you love tonight-Jonathan Butler. Aaah!! This man is an amazing artist. I am sad that we won't be seeing him on the cruise (thanks to the assholes who stole Scott's truck and changed our priorities) I thought this man was tall, dark, and handsome. Till I saw him in concert. Then I realized he was only 2 out of 3. (he is as short as me)

6. The Dance F/Bebe Winans- Dave Koz & Bebe Winans. I like this song, but mostly just skip it.

7. How Do I live-Trisha Yearwood. HOKEY HOKEY HOKEY. ( Thought I deleted this) Note to self, do it when I get home. A song you can only hear so many times.

8. Maybe There Are Reasons-Gerald McCauley. The only reason I have this is because it was part of an album on itunes that I needed to purchase to get a song from Artist #5. Its pretty good i guess...

9. Tete a Tete-Jonathan Butler. Today's theme must be Jonathan Butler. This song reminds me of what Italy would be like.

10. Patience-George Michael. George and Jonathan day. This song helped me get through the time Tim was in the hospital....

And there you have it.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sucks to be us....

I am going to make a long story, short. Very short. Bullet style, to the point.
  • Woke up Sunday Morning to discover Scott's truck had been stolen
  • After filing a police report and contacting Ins Co, spent the rest of the day feeling violated and praying that 1. We get the truck and 2. Praying that we don't.....both at the same time.
  • Shed a few tears and keep telling ourselves, it could be worse. Scott saying "they must have wanted it more than I did." Thinking to self, how lucky to have someone that positive, because I WAS PISSED!
  • Receive phone call from police at 6:15. Truck found at Costco on Eubank. Had been there since at least noon RUNNING!!!! The Barney Fife security guard sure earned his pay that day when he realized it there at 12:00 and thought perhaps, someone just ran in real quick. The only reason it was reported because a lady came out to her vehicle and realized hers had been stolen. Seems that they dropped off Scott's truck to steal hers.
  • Picture 1 shows the only damage to the vehicle. A busted steering wheel column.
  • Picture 2 shows that any minute it was going to run out of gas, and also how many miles it has. Guess the theives thought it wasn't worthy to steal and/or vandalize. I guess there is some light.

That's it. The whole enchilada.

Then, if things couldn't get any worse for we were watching tv last night, we heard a LOUD BANG!! Thought someone ran into our garage door with their car. Turns out, our brand new 89 ounce liquid laundry detergent exploded and fell off the shelf in our laundry room. My floor is the cleanest it will every be and now when we walk into the house it will smell Downy Fresh......cuz that's how we roll. Tide with a touch of downy.

Friday, March 16, 2007

2801 Christine NE

Feeling a bit nostalgic here.....have been since last night.

As I was getting my nails did, Ethan's next client came in, Roberta, she also ways my former neighbor.

Roberta and her sister Cathy live 2 houses from my childhood home at 2801 Christine NE. Roberta informed me that my house was for sale and was vacant.

Like a tidal wave, a FLOOD of emotions came to mind. Its funny, my parents moved out of that house in 1997 and yet, when I dream of my parents house, its always this one. Not their new one. And although their current home is lovely and warm, it doesn't hold the memories that 2801 Christine NE does.

2801 Christine NE is the place that....

I lived at when I went to 1 Grade School, 1 Middle School, and 1 High School....same thing for Billy.

that my cousins Kenny, Kevin, Keith & Aunt Jean lived with us for about 6 months. We held whiffle ball games every day in the street.

I had childhood friends like Kenny, Steve, Kelly, Frank, Karen, Kristina and Jimmy John. Shame on me for not being in touch with these people, perhaps I will make an effort to get into contact with them. Sadly, Kenny and Frank passed away, both 7 years ago.

my brother nearly lost a finger in a slammed garage the same time my Dad was on top of the roof, he was there in 2.2 seconds and the ladder was on the other side of the house. My Mom is convinced he jumped off.

its also the place where my Mom cut her finger while making corn on the cob (why she needed a knife, I have no idea). My parents were having a last minute party with their friends and she was intoxicated while shucking corn with a large sharp butcher blade.

the house where only a few (and I mean a few) pets resided. The first of 2 was a dog named Pepper, not sure what happened to him or her. 2nd was a Chow named Butkus, perhaps the stupidest dog in all America. He was good with kids but when the front door opened, he was out like a shot! Billy and I gave our Mother a hard time for getting rid of Butkus, but deep down, we were relieved when we didn't have to hear her complain about having to pick up the shit. Because as you know, dogs shit. And we certainly were not going to pick it up. I read somewhere that if you became a porn star, your name would come from your first pet and the name of your street.
Pepper Christine. Oh yeah, that sounds sexy!

This house also had the cleanest carpet. Why do you ask? Oh, let me tell you.....BECAUSE I HAD TO VACUUM IT EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!! We had this red carpet in the TV room (that's what we called it, because it held the tv) and it would show every crumb, if you farted in that room, it showed. I HATED THAT CARPET!

Anyway, I could go on and on but I am sure you are probably getting bored with the memories....If not, let me know and I will call you in the middle of the night and tell you more.

After I finished getting my nails did, I passed by hoping that it wasn't sold. I had already put a call into Michael so he can show it to me. I have always wanted to go back and see the new people have done with it. The outside has changed, someone put up a ranch style fence on it, and it looks ridiculous. They have changed the windows and the big, ass, ugly tree that was half burned is now gone. As I approached the house, I was sad to see that it had been sold. I wouldn't be able to go in.

I parked in front for a few minutes.

Thought of the special times.

Then went home to my own house, and vacuumed my carpet.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

100th Post and a man named Whiz.

Woo Hoo!!! This is my 100th post and I am surprised that I still write, or that people still read...


In other news, my job requires that I verify people's names and is how the conversation went.

ME: Thank you for calling...yada yada yada. May I verify you name and address please (in an everso pleasant voice I might add)

CALLER: My name is Wiz Martinez blah blah blah....

ME: (still pleasant but now puzzled) I'm sorry your name is Wiz?

CALLER: Yes, its Wiz.

I pull up the account, and sure as shit, his name is Wiz. My question is this.....who in the hell names their kid Wiz and if its a nickname, who in sam hill would register a vehicle under that??!!

If its a nickname, I wonder how it came to be....

And that is the exciting life I lead.

Tonight is nail night after which I will be stopping at the local liquor store and purchasing alcoholic beverages to be consumed and enjoyed in the privacy of my own home.

I am no alcoholic by any means, but this is necessary today.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wanting to flip the bird.....

of the perch of my window!!!

When we moved into this office, my 1 request was that I sit next to a window. Oh how happy I was when we got here and I sat next to a window with a great view!!

Everyday since that blessed day, there has been a little red breasted ratwithwings/bird that thinks its a woodpecker because he picks the window as if its fresh roadkill......

The first 10 minutes of the first day it was cute, now its on my big nerve.

Somewhere a nest is missing their idiot......

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kt Rama & Steve

This is what happens when a man's youngest daughter goes to winter ball....suddenly his gun collection needs!

Friday, March 09, 2007


I have made a vow to use these things *everyday*. 2 of the 3 I do use ALOT *everyday*, the third, I am going to make a concious effort to do so.

I used to have a journal in high school.....(don't know what happened to it) and I really liked the idea. I am going to jot in here my thoughts, ideas for scrapbooking, songs I want to download, things TNT says etc......So many times I forget things and so this will help.

I am do this *everyday*

Thursday, March 08, 2007

This girl is going places....

I just love this picture....Zoe is the daughter of my cousin and let me just say.....this girl is gonna be somebody....

She is a brilliant student. Beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. And speaking of the outside....LOOK AT THIS FACE!!!! have lips like that....

This picture might be one that I enter in the NM State fair....what are your thoughts?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

As the saying goes....

"Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned" WRONG!

More like...

"Hell hath no fury, like when Dolores' daughter is hungry"

The daughter, like her mother, have been known to cut in line at a Vegas buffet or scream obscenities at a Verizon Wireless Door Greeter....

I am not saying, I am just sayin......

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thinking all day....

of what to post.....And of course, since I have no pictures on this computer, I have no idea what to say....

Hhhhmmmmm.... (taps index finger to chin)

Had a pretty good weekend, kinda busy, kinda not. Scott came home from Nashville. Watched Miss TNT overnight.....Saw Baby Raul, Samantha, and Raul's new son Jose. All I have to say is....that man makes pretty babies!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Did I have my camera with me? That would be a big ass NO! I need to start taking it with me everywhere....You just never know.

What else? I still love my scrap room....Each time I go in there, I lose time. Friday night I went in at 8:30, looked at the clock and it was 2:30 in THE FREAKING MORNING!!! Then I still didn't go to bed till 3:15!!! Love Love Love the room. Last night, I just sat on the comfy couch and watched tv....that's it. Didn't even scrap!

Oh, and I guess this must be said.....

Drinking and Driving just doesn't mix well.....NO Mom, not me. But someone very dear to Scott and I had a few too many to drink and myself and others urged him to either stay where he was or allow us to drive him home. He refused! As a result, he was picked up for DUI. The good thing is, he didn't hurt anyone, but the bad thing is....he will be paying for it for a long, long, time. I guess what I am trying to say....if you drink and drive, you lose. That's it, no more sounding like Bill Richardson.....although I think my hair is looking alot like his.....

Tomorrow, I will post pictures!