Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"That Scott, he's so nice....and ugh! That Dolores' daughter....she so spoiled!"

After the flickr meet up some of us went and had a few beers and lunch.

Scott decided to go and look at the bar at the liquor display and walk around, I think he had enough 'camera talk" for a while.

I noticed he was at the bar and when he sat back down, he said..

"They have some really nice stuff, I saw a couple of bottles of tequila your brother likes..."


Then 10 minutes later, the waitress brings him a shot of Glen Levitt and says:

"This is compliments of the young woman at the end of the bar"

Our faces were priceless!!! The remaining fellas at the table were getting their cameras ready just in case there was going to be a chick fight (there wasn't, I don't know how to fight)

Apparently while he was at the bar, she struck up a conversation with him....he mentioned that $8 for a shot was ridiculous and so she sent one over....

As our table was in awe of the situation and I was laughing....she passed us to go to the bathroom.

I told him to make sure and thank her for the drink when she walked out and he did...

She didn't stay, she just walked out. I think she figured he was single....lol

After leaving the bar, he walked with a certain spring in his step....

Yeah, he's still got it, but like that tree, it's mine.

Thursday, February 14, 2008