Friday, July 27, 2007

This rocks!


So this has been up for a while now. It is located on the South side of the freeway when traveling west bound.
When I first saw it, I almost wrecked my car.
Why you ask?
Well its because, I have a cousin whose name is Monica Lovato....
And if you know her, you will know that she would never be competing for a World Title Fight. I know there are many Monica Lovatos in the world, but it's just weird to see her name on such a billboard.
Love you Mon!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Dev A STATED!!!!

Last night I did something that I have never EV AH done before!!!! No I didn't take drugs (I am still afraid of the the maternal mother unit)
What I did was far more serious than that....I, Josette Myrick, left my cell phone at work.
I will allow some time for that to sink in....
You're halfway there to my feelings....You need more time to grasp the situation before I move on...
Ok, that's good enough.
I don't think you can come close to my devastation but you get the idea.
I won't go into the details of leaving it, let's just say the look on Ethan's face when I told him I think I left my phone at work said it all.... I almost considered rescheduling my nail appt so I could go back to the office and get it. But then again, what's worse? Crappy nails or having to drive back after my nail appt?
At the time, it was driving, I would have taken crappy nails.
At first I was ok, I won't be that bad.......then around 8 p.m. panic sunk in. Thoughts raced through my head.
What if something happens to someone and no one can get a hold of me?
What if the building explodes and my phone is destroyed?
What the hell time is it? I now realize I don't use clocks in my home, just my phone.
How the hell am I going to wake up without my alarm?

Do we even own alarm? THAT WOULD BE A BIG FAT NO!
Now, what do you suppose a person like me would do in a situation like this?
I know had 12 hours before I would be reunited with my celly.....
Do I curl up in the fetal position and weep? Well, I thought about it but decided the best way to
work off the energy is to clean.
And I cleaned like I have never had before.
In addition to my weekly chores, I cleaned the interior of all my windows.
I cleaned all of my baseboards even moving furniture.
I also wiped the carpet where it meets with the baseboard as it is hard to pick up with the vacuum.
And I also did 3 loads of laundry.
I have been to the depths of addiction hell and I need help.
I now know what it feels like to need a fix.
I never, ever want to go through that again.
Oh, when I got into work today I see that I had..
14 missed calls
19 missed text messages
The most important missed item?...... A picture of Steph's favorite shoes with a broken strap.
Very important indeed.
I am so upset that I didn't get that last night and try to console her....
My name is Josette and I am addicted to my celly....

Thursday, July 19, 2007


The thing to photography is not only do you have to have a good camera with good glass, but you have to have photoshop skills.....kinda like how Napoleon Dynamite has numbchuck skills ( I know I spelled that wrong) Anyway, in an effort to further better my skills, I have stayed up well past midnight each night this week to improve them. I think I am doing pretty good, but have alot to learn....What are your thoughts? Did you all know that there is a comment portion to this blog? Or is Denise the only one that knows....

Anyway, what do you think?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ch ch ch ch changes....

As you can see I have made some changes to the look of this blog....

Maybe it will motivate me to add more often....

I will leave you with that and check back soon for an update....

P.S. The banner picture was taken by Billy....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

100 things....

1. Born August 8, 1969

2. 8 is my favorite number

3. 8 is always present in my personal passwords

4. My Mom was also born on the 8th

5. Same as my Dad

6. Billy was born on the 23rd of May

7. I was married on May 23rd

8. I think that is enough about the number 8

9. I worshiped Sylvester Stallone when I was in high school

10. Billy and I can recite every line from Rocky's 3 & 4

11. I have never met another girl named Josette

12. A photography client named her daughter Josette after hearing it, not because of me

13. I am allergic to acrylic nails and bees

14. I am a clean freak

15. With my house, not my car

16. I don't like flavored coffee or flavored creamer

17. I don't like diet anything....surprised?

18. I talked for my brother when he was a toddler

19. My mother thought he needed speech therapy

20. I send/receive an average of 4500 texts per month

21. I can text without looking

22. I always have my phone with me

23. I also always carry my cameras with me

24. I have loved smooth jazz way back to the days of Kenny G

25. I have to shake my rugs 10 times. Not 9. sometimes 11 or 12

26. I buy only black ink pens

27. Found out how my Grandfather died when I was on my senior trip. He died when I was 9 months

28. When I found out, I realized how great my Grandma Betty was

29. I Love Howard Hewett

30. I love my gel nails

31. I am faithful to Ethan my nail tech, but never to a hair stylist

32. I don't like rap music

33. I don't like liver

34. I am a freak about texture

35. The toilet paper roll MUST always be coming off the top

36. I have been known to change the rolls in other's homes

37. I don't use over-the-counter shampoos and conditioner

38. I worked a salon and it was my favorite job

39. I know how to play deuces jacks, the bitch, baseball, 123 low, 123 high/low, shove it, 2/22, 7/27

40. I don't gamble

41. I have over 60 blogs bookmarked and read them each day

42. I am blind without glasses or contacts

43. My childhood friend died of AIDS in 1998

44. I am grumpy in the mornings

45. I don't like any nicknames that are derived from Josette except Jos or Jo

46. Some of my nicknames include: Joey, Eddie, Hose

47. My hat size is 1/8 of an inch smaller than Scott's hat size

48. I was born breach and face up

49. I have 2 god-children

50. I love Howard Hewett

51. I knew the minute I met Scott I would marry him

52. I have seen Howard Hewett, Elton John, Al Green, Garth Brooks, and many sax artists in concert

53. One song/concert brought me to uncontrollable tears

54. Jonathan Butler No Woman/No Cry

55. Went to the concert the night of Tim's funeral

56. The release of a very long 4 months

57. My favorite book is "I know this much is true" by Wally Lamb

58. I have read it 5 times

59. I wish I had curly hair

60. To date, have 1850 songs on my ipod

61. My favorite food is tacos

62. I prefer red chili to green

63. My Mom & Aunt Cathy make the best red chili ever!

64. I have never done drugs

65. I was grounded for life in the 8th grade, this involved drugs

66. I still can't go out until the entire house is clean.....its my house now

67. My husband is a mama's boy

68. Scott & Billy think my 2nd toe looks like ET

69. I love going to get my teeth cleaned

70. I have straight teeth and never wore braces

71. I wore a red suit in my 3rd grade play

72. I had a great childhood

73. I love Howard Hewett

74. I love movies that involve some type of photography

75. I have been to a gay bar

76. I like all cheese except cottage cheese

77. I can tell who sings a song based on their voice

78. I remember names of songs and the artist

79. I can't sing worth a shit

80. I am clumsy

81. I cannot go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink

82. I swear like a sailor, yet only used one bad word here (#79)

83. I want an iphone, but it's really not necessary

84. I don't like leftovers

85. I think my Mom is the smartest person I know

86. I pass by my childhood house often

87. My most treasured possession is my wedding ring

88. I am obsessed with correct spelling

89. I hate camping/outdoors

90. I love marking anniversaries

91. 1,3,4,10,20 years... doesn't matter, each one is important

92. I will generally mention a date of a day or celebrate it in someway

93. For dinner tonight, I will have spaghetti and lemonade

94. Tomorrow I will celebrate with birthday cake or bowl of cherries

95. Today is 3 years.

96. Three years since I held his hand as he crossed over to the other side

97. Tomorrow would have been his 58th birthday

98. I am so grateful that for the last 3 years he still comes to me in my dreams

99. That he is happy

100. Today is a day that I miss my Uncle Tim