Friday, October 27, 2006

Trip to Target to buy things to entertain TNT while I get nails done...

1. Gummy Bears.................1.69
2. Goldfishcrackers............. .99
3. Plush Purse..................... 1.00
4. Incredible cell phone...... 2.08
5. Wafer cookies................. .97
6. small baggies for snacks.. 1.12
7. Plush pail........................ 2.50
Tax........................... .46


After dumping the separated snacks that were in baggies into her plush pail she decided to play with my keys the enter time........PRICELESS!!!

She was a good girl though.....

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Don't you love it when a song takes you back to a time? Wellllllllll let me just tell ya! I downloaded a song onto my ipod that took me back to a place where the waist was thin and the Rockies were tight..... A place where I had to lay down to zip my pants up and my hair was big. In other words, a dam long time ago.

So as I was reminicing about this time I remember dancing country western and swinging like Mario Lopez on Dancing with the Stars....

In my mind it was vivid. each turn, each twist, then reality hit when I suddenly snapped back and noticed my ankle.....then it was just a sad memory.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

See, what had happen wuz....

I was walking....then I fell...

And that boys and girls is why I have to wear an ankle boot for 6 weeks.

Let's give a little history to those of you are aren't aware of my graceness (is that a word)...

I have fallen since the day I could walk and according to my Mother, I was almost 3. Found out later that the reason I was such a late walker is because Dolores didn't put me down long enough for me to venture onto my feet and walk. I, of course, found this out last summer 37 years later. But I digress.

Since I was born with feet flatter than Fred Flinstone, I always seem to fall. ALWAYS!
The first of my falls happened a few years ago, let's say 13 years ago.....when I was walking into a drinking establishment....(yes, a bar) and twisted my ankle, I proceeded to tell Patricia and Sandra that maybe there was something wrong....They kindly told me to shut it, proceeded to force me in drinking many alcoholic beverages and encouraged me to dance on, as Lionel Richie would say...ALL NIGHT LONG. And I did. When I got home, I couldn't get my boot off, I went to the ER, was crushed when the boot had to be cut off and was grounded for going out for weeks because of the carelessness friends I hung around with.

Fast forward to 4 years ago. I was at a dear friend's house enjoying a BBQ on my way to the bar (seeing a pattern here....) As I walked outside to his patio, I tripped on one of his daughter's toys and crash, boom, bam, I fell again. This time, I shook it off, proceeded to go out dancing again. Did not dance ALL NIGHT LONG, because by now I am older and smarter. A few weeks after this fall, we were on vacation with my parents and my Mother noticed that my ankle would swell and thought it might be a good idea to go to the Doctor's. I did. The Doctor looked at it and said...."what are you doing next week? Cuz you are having surgery" It seems that with all of my falls, I did some legement and tendon damage, so there I was, in a cast for 6 weeks and a walking boot for 6 more. Before I had this surgery, I was going to participate in the Walk for Diabetes, but had to drop out because I am not trusted to walk alone, much less for a cause.

Now fast forward again to last saturday...

Contrary to prior falls, this time I was not on my way to a bar, but on my way to a soccer game. I had my camera bag, my chair and was minding my own, walking on a level, dry, patch of concrete, when all of a sudden, I fell. That's it. I just fell. Was I embarrased you ask? Hell no, I was in fucking pain. I got up, hobbled my way to the field hoping to see my parents or my brother there, but they hadn't gotten there yet. I sat my fat ass down and watched the game telling them that I think something was wrong.....Since they know me best, they brushed it off because so many times I fall and since my shoe was on, it hadn't started to swell yet.

After the game, I hobbled to the car, then to lunch (cuz a fat girl has gots to eat) During the meal, I nonchalantly asked what everyone's plans were....My Mother stated she was taking my Dad to the casino. My brother had a haircut appt and then they were going shopping. They asked what I was doing and I said...."oh, I don't know, maybe going to the ER or something" because by now, this was the worst of all the falls put together....I had NO desire to dance or to drink as I did before. Billy's girlfriend being the RN that she is, was kind enough to drive me to the urgent care, which was a good thing because the parentals were going to Casino and Billy had an appt. So off to Urgent care we went. They took some X-rays, thought it looked broken but didn't know for sure, gave me some pain killers and sent me on my way. Billy and Denise were so good to me and took care of me. Boy, if you need to go to urgent care, go with an RN, they get stuff done!

Went to the orthopedic Doctor yesterday, said that he thought the Xray showed the problem to be a prior injury, but wrote on all my paperwork that I had a left ankle fracture. Bottom line.....a walking boot for 6 weeks and will not be participating in the Walk for Diabetes yet again....I will be there for my team sitting on the side drinking mimosas. I am not an athlete, but an athletic supporter.

And that my what had happened.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Its been a while......

and no, this post is not about Howard.....I like to post with pictures and since his birthday was October 1st.....every post this month will show a picture of him.

Ok, so get to the point....

What are my thoughts lately....


OH! I know! So, I have been eyeing this lens for my Pentax and it costs about.....$350.00 (GOOD LAWD THATSALOTOFMONEY) anyway, I went on ebay and at the last second (7 in fact) I won one for $110.00!!!! WOO HOO!!!

and let's see....what else?

Um, oh! Since I have a video ipod and can download movies on it, I thought I would download the Little Mermaid for when Miss TnT is crabby and such....well I thought it would take about 8 hours because I am on slow poke dial up.....uh, not! I purchased it and when it started, it said it had 48 hours to go....WTF!!!???? Well I had to continue it since I purchased it....but Note to self....NEVER AGAIN till I get high speed... Unless of course, I can get BAPS starring Howard Hewett, then I will take vacation to sit and at home and watch it download.....