Friday, June 29, 2007

Do you know why they remove the cow's balls?

So they keep their mind on grass and not ass......
~ John Giddings Santiago...

Not much to say.....except for he is a cutie!

More pics from the weekend....

These pictures are of my dear friend Karen who is also the co owner of the ranch. I think she was there about 5 minutes before she stepped in horse was quite entertaining watching her scrape it off.....She is the best!

Lato and his father Antonio....this dog thinks he is a puppy and small enough to sit on laps....

This is a picture of Scott and Henry....I think in Scott's next life he wants to come back as Henry. Henry is an amazing man. He has accomplished so much in his life and has done it all with finesse and hard work.....

Ok, I will post again before the end of the day and it will be a Santiago posting...he is so cute, he needs his own post...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

There's nothing wrong....with me loving you....

(cue music from Brokeback Mountain.....)
This picture is from last weekend (more to come) and this shows Lato (big ass male dog) and his secret lover Ziggy (small ass male dog)
When I put big ass, I mean BIG ASS! This is the biggest dog I have ever seen, in fact, I think he is part horse. You know the dog on the movie The Sandlot? This dog could eat that dog for a snack!
Anyway, after spending the afternoon under a shade tree and chasing small children around the ranch, Lato was happy when he saw Ziggy trot up the dirt trail.
At first, it didn't seem like a big deal.....Ziggy went up to Lato and made his introduction. Lato sniffed him and you would think that would be it. You would think Lato would realize that Ziggy had the same parts as he did and move on...

Like a blooming, fragrant, gerber daisy, Lato suddenly was in love and there was no stopping him! He proceeded to try his luck, not realizing that with the size gap between the two, that it was physically impossible to succeed in his attempt. Never mind, if he did latch on (sorry, couldn't think of another word) that it would be short of impossible....
Now you would also think that Ziggy would not be interested....again, oh nooooo!
Ziggy would ever so casually back it up and flaunt his blooming flower right in front of Lato....teasing him, if you will. Making Lato's efforts while in haste, very challenging. Lato fumbled like a acne faced teenage boy, at the prom.
With no shame to his game and for all to see.
Funniest part was when his Mother shouted to Antonio "Look at your son!"
Good times, good times indeed.
I will post more pictures this week....

Monday, June 25, 2007

For my brother

Coming soon and update with pictures of the grand and glorious time I had this weekend....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's official!

These two kids are getting married!


Yes, maydid!


Yes! Maydid! Geez!

(A typed scene from Sixteen Candles)

Anyway, Billy gave the ring to Denise on friday and she said yes!

For those of you who do not know, they are getting married August 11th at 5:45 pm in St. Thomas!

I am so happy for them! And I get 2 nephews!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things I need to keep me going





and Scott.

He went to the lake for the weekend and he is now home.....(woo hoo!)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Algire forehead

In addition to being big enough to post a billboard, seems there is a dent right in between the eyes. Might add character to Dad and Billy, but me....not so much.

*looks up botox in yellow pages*

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not sure what happened before

but this is awesome!

Dead, Dying or Bleeding....

Is what I told my peeps last night when I got home. This meant do not bother me unless someone is either dead, dying, or bleeding. Well unfortunately I didn't notify Michael and he called.

Now. one thing is, he didn't leave a message so I figured it wasn't too important.

That is until he called this morning.

After I said hello he said.....Are you okay?

I told him I was sick and didn't answer the phone last night..

He then said that Heather texted me and since I didn't answer my phone that I must be dead, dying, or bleeding.

I replied that I didn't receive any texts and he said...."Are you sitting down?"

Now I am worried.

He then proceeds to tell me the events of last night. I will spare you the details but let's just say that the jest of the situation is that Wes called him.


Wes is the guy who broke Michael's heart.

Wes is the guy that forced Michael to come out of the closet (only good thing)

Wes is the guy who lied about everything and still not sure if anything he said is true.

Wes is the guy who I told "If you break Michael's heart, I will kick your ass"

Wes is the guy who broke Michaels heart at the end of that week.

Operation Wesisbackandmustbeeliminated is now in full force.

The troops have been notified and the vodka is on ice.

I do not plan on picking my friend off the floor again. The last time it happened I swore I would never let this guy hurt him again....Perhaps this is the perfect time to carry out my promise.

Something tells me I won't be invited to join them for dinner or drinks...

Can you tell I am not a fan of this man?


Monday, June 04, 2007


If you look at my flickr account (link at the bottom) you will see that this lovely picture has gotten 274 views. Um....question, are they looking at the subject or the skills of the photographer? I am sure its the subject....there are so many things wrong with the picture. The sharpness, the cutting off of the hand, etc. All I know is, we are going to have to take more time and take more pictures. This was last minute and FREEZING! I only snapped 10 pictures and then went indoors!

Friday, June 01, 2007

dove evolution

This is why I need to brush up on my photoshop skills.

Everyone has to have skills. Num chuck skills....(Napolean Dynomite)

Hubba hubba, Michael, and randomness from last weekend

Hello! I know its been a long time since my last post....just haven't had anything exciting to say lately...Actually, I do have something exciting to say, but need to clear it first and do it right.

till then.

The first picture of Scott is NOT posing....we had a couple/ten (just kidding) drinks at the Elephant Bar and I whipped out my camera. Whenever I "whip" it out, he looks away....not cute.

The second is of a little girl whose Mother works with Janna. She was a cutie! She helped me get over missing Miss TNT while they were camping.

The next two are of girl asked me on my Flickr account if he was single....I replied yes, but that is not the obstacle. HA!

The last is of Mariah. I was showing Scott's cousin my camera and shot this picture. I was pretty happy with the results....

That's it peeps! I promise to post more often...

Carry on.