Tuesday, June 26, 2007

There's nothing wrong....with me loving you....

(cue music from Brokeback Mountain.....)
This picture is from last weekend (more to come) and this shows Lato (big ass male dog) and his secret lover Ziggy (small ass male dog)
When I put big ass, I mean BIG ASS! This is the biggest dog I have ever seen, in fact, I think he is part horse. You know the dog on the movie The Sandlot? This dog could eat that dog for a snack!
Anyway, after spending the afternoon under a shade tree and chasing small children around the ranch, Lato was happy when he saw Ziggy trot up the dirt trail.
At first, it didn't seem like a big deal.....Ziggy went up to Lato and made his introduction. Lato sniffed him and you would think that would be it. You would think Lato would realize that Ziggy had the same parts as he did and move on...

Like a blooming, fragrant, gerber daisy, Lato suddenly was in love and there was no stopping him! He proceeded to try his luck, not realizing that with the size gap between the two, that it was physically impossible to succeed in his attempt. Never mind, if he did latch on (sorry, couldn't think of another word) that it would be short of impossible....
Now you would also think that Ziggy would not be interested....again, oh nooooo!
Ziggy would ever so casually back it up and flaunt his blooming flower right in front of Lato....teasing him, if you will. Making Lato's efforts while in haste, very challenging. Lato fumbled like a acne faced teenage boy, at the prom.
With no shame to his game and for all to see.
Funniest part was when his Mother shouted to Antonio "Look at your son!"
Good times, good times indeed.
I will post more pictures this week....

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