Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dead, Dying or Bleeding....

Is what I told my peeps last night when I got home. This meant do not bother me unless someone is either dead, dying, or bleeding. Well unfortunately I didn't notify Michael and he called.

Now. one thing is, he didn't leave a message so I figured it wasn't too important.

That is until he called this morning.

After I said hello he said.....Are you okay?

I told him I was sick and didn't answer the phone last night..

He then said that Heather texted me and since I didn't answer my phone that I must be dead, dying, or bleeding.

I replied that I didn't receive any texts and he said...."Are you sitting down?"

Now I am worried.

He then proceeds to tell me the events of last night. I will spare you the details but let's just say that the jest of the situation is that Wes called him.


Wes is the guy who broke Michael's heart.

Wes is the guy that forced Michael to come out of the closet (only good thing)

Wes is the guy who lied about everything and still not sure if anything he said is true.

Wes is the guy who I told "If you break Michael's heart, I will kick your ass"

Wes is the guy who broke Michaels heart at the end of that week.

Operation Wesisbackandmustbeeliminated is now in full force.

The troops have been notified and the vodka is on ice.

I do not plan on picking my friend off the floor again. The last time it happened I swore I would never let this guy hurt him again....Perhaps this is the perfect time to carry out my promise.

Something tells me I won't be invited to join them for dinner or drinks...

Can you tell I am not a fan of this man?


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