Tuesday, July 10, 2007

100 things....

1. Born August 8, 1969

2. 8 is my favorite number

3. 8 is always present in my personal passwords

4. My Mom was also born on the 8th

5. Same as my Dad

6. Billy was born on the 23rd of May

7. I was married on May 23rd

8. I think that is enough about the number 8

9. I worshiped Sylvester Stallone when I was in high school

10. Billy and I can recite every line from Rocky's 3 & 4

11. I have never met another girl named Josette

12. A photography client named her daughter Josette after hearing it, not because of me

13. I am allergic to acrylic nails and bees

14. I am a clean freak

15. With my house, not my car

16. I don't like flavored coffee or flavored creamer

17. I don't like diet anything....surprised?

18. I talked for my brother when he was a toddler

19. My mother thought he needed speech therapy

20. I send/receive an average of 4500 texts per month

21. I can text without looking

22. I always have my phone with me

23. I also always carry my cameras with me

24. I have loved smooth jazz way back to the days of Kenny G

25. I have to shake my rugs 10 times. Not 9. sometimes 11 or 12

26. I buy only black ink pens

27. Found out how my Grandfather died when I was on my senior trip. He died when I was 9 months

28. When I found out, I realized how great my Grandma Betty was

29. I Love Howard Hewett

30. I love my gel nails

31. I am faithful to Ethan my nail tech, but never to a hair stylist

32. I don't like rap music

33. I don't like liver

34. I am a freak about texture

35. The toilet paper roll MUST always be coming off the top

36. I have been known to change the rolls in other's homes

37. I don't use over-the-counter shampoos and conditioner

38. I worked a salon and it was my favorite job

39. I know how to play deuces jacks, the bitch, baseball, 123 low, 123 high/low, shove it, 2/22, 7/27

40. I don't gamble

41. I have over 60 blogs bookmarked and read them each day

42. I am blind without glasses or contacts

43. My childhood friend died of AIDS in 1998

44. I am grumpy in the mornings

45. I don't like any nicknames that are derived from Josette except Jos or Jo

46. Some of my nicknames include: Joey, Eddie, Hose

47. My hat size is 1/8 of an inch smaller than Scott's hat size

48. I was born breach and face up

49. I have 2 god-children

50. I love Howard Hewett

51. I knew the minute I met Scott I would marry him

52. I have seen Howard Hewett, Elton John, Al Green, Garth Brooks, and many sax artists in concert

53. One song/concert brought me to uncontrollable tears

54. Jonathan Butler No Woman/No Cry

55. Went to the concert the night of Tim's funeral

56. The release of a very long 4 months

57. My favorite book is "I know this much is true" by Wally Lamb

58. I have read it 5 times

59. I wish I had curly hair

60. To date, have 1850 songs on my ipod

61. My favorite food is tacos

62. I prefer red chili to green

63. My Mom & Aunt Cathy make the best red chili ever!

64. I have never done drugs

65. I was grounded for life in the 8th grade, this involved drugs

66. I still can't go out until the entire house is clean.....its my house now

67. My husband is a mama's boy

68. Scott & Billy think my 2nd toe looks like ET

69. I love going to get my teeth cleaned

70. I have straight teeth and never wore braces

71. I wore a red suit in my 3rd grade play

72. I had a great childhood

73. I love Howard Hewett

74. I love movies that involve some type of photography

75. I have been to a gay bar

76. I like all cheese except cottage cheese

77. I can tell who sings a song based on their voice

78. I remember names of songs and the artist

79. I can't sing worth a shit

80. I am clumsy

81. I cannot go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink

82. I swear like a sailor, yet only used one bad word here (#79)

83. I want an iphone, but it's really not necessary

84. I don't like leftovers

85. I think my Mom is the smartest person I know

86. I pass by my childhood house often

87. My most treasured possession is my wedding ring

88. I am obsessed with correct spelling

89. I hate camping/outdoors

90. I love marking anniversaries

91. 1,3,4,10,20 years... doesn't matter, each one is important

92. I will generally mention a date of a day or celebrate it in someway

93. For dinner tonight, I will have spaghetti and lemonade

94. Tomorrow I will celebrate with birthday cake or bowl of cherries

95. Today is 3 years.

96. Three years since I held his hand as he crossed over to the other side

97. Tomorrow would have been his 58th birthday

98. I am so grateful that for the last 3 years he still comes to me in my dreams

99. That he is happy

100. Today is a day that I miss my Uncle Tim

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