Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sucks to be us....

I am going to make a long story, short. Very short. Bullet style, to the point.
  • Woke up Sunday Morning to discover Scott's truck had been stolen
  • After filing a police report and contacting Ins Co, spent the rest of the day feeling violated and praying that 1. We get the truck and 2. Praying that we don't.....both at the same time.
  • Shed a few tears and keep telling ourselves, it could be worse. Scott saying "they must have wanted it more than I did." Thinking to self, how lucky to have someone that positive, because I WAS PISSED!
  • Receive phone call from police at 6:15. Truck found at Costco on Eubank. Had been there since at least noon RUNNING!!!! The Barney Fife security guard sure earned his pay that day when he realized it there at 12:00 and thought perhaps, someone just ran in real quick. The only reason it was reported because a lady came out to her vehicle and realized hers had been stolen. Seems that they dropped off Scott's truck to steal hers.
  • Picture 1 shows the only damage to the vehicle. A busted steering wheel column.
  • Picture 2 shows that any minute it was going to run out of gas, and also how many miles it has. Guess the theives thought it wasn't worthy to steal and/or vandalize. I guess there is some light.

That's it. The whole enchilada.

Then, if things couldn't get any worse for us.....as we were watching tv last night, we heard a LOUD BANG!! Thought someone ran into our garage door with their car. Turns out, our brand new 89 ounce liquid laundry detergent exploded and fell off the shelf in our laundry room. My floor is the cleanest it will every be and now when we walk into the house it will smell Downy Fresh......cuz that's how we roll. Tide with a touch of downy.

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