Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes, I am still here.....

Not much to post today....Kinda slow in the life of TNT's Nina. Which scares me because I feel that something is going to go wrong....you know that feeling? Anyway, since I don't have anything exciting to share.... I will put my ipod on shuffle and give you the first 10 songs and tell you why I love them. Exciting? You bet your sweet ass it is!

Ok here goes nothing...

1. Love and Happiness-Al Green. What can I say, this man is BRILLIANT! Very fond memories of seeing him in concert. He is mine and Billy's Elvis. So sorry my Dad missed it, even though he doesn't like live music....this was good!

2. Let's Get Deeper- Howard Hewett. I could go on and on for days, but I won't. love him

3. Changing Tides-Brian Culbertson. Nice Mellow music....(no words, sorry Scott)

4. Star People-George Michael. One of my guilty pleasures....I love me some George Michael and love this song. It gets you out of a bad mood fast....good for today.

5. I miss you love tonight-Jonathan Butler. Aaah!! This man is an amazing artist. I am sad that we won't be seeing him on the cruise (thanks to the assholes who stole Scott's truck and changed our priorities) I thought this man was tall, dark, and handsome. Till I saw him in concert. Then I realized he was only 2 out of 3. (he is as short as me)

6. The Dance F/Bebe Winans- Dave Koz & Bebe Winans. I like this song, but mostly just skip it.

7. How Do I live-Trisha Yearwood. HOKEY HOKEY HOKEY. ( Thought I deleted this) Note to self, do it when I get home. A song you can only hear so many times.

8. Maybe There Are Reasons-Gerald McCauley. The only reason I have this is because it was part of an album on itunes that I needed to purchase to get a song from Artist #5. Its pretty good i guess...

9. Tete a Tete-Jonathan Butler. Today's theme must be Jonathan Butler. This song reminds me of what Italy would be like.

10. Patience-George Michael. George and Jonathan day. This song helped me get through the time Tim was in the hospital....

And there you have it.


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