Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Angel

The making of a Princess
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My Angel being the Mama in this picture.

Normally I don't post pics of Nessa in my blog (with respect to the parents) but I am going to make an exception this time, mostly because this is the only picture I have available to Steph)

Anyway.....My Angel turns 23 today!!!! I cannot even believe it. It seems just like yesterday I was driving her to McDonalds to get some french fries and now I do it with her daughter. Sometimes I look in the back seat and I am taken back 20 years ago. Steph and Ness are very similiar at this age. Ness is an awesome combination of both her Mommy and Daddy and has her own personality and is just a cutie cutie cutie...


How did this turn into a story about Ness?

Let's get back to the birthday girl.....


I am very proud of you. Of how you and Chris are raising Ness. Of how you went back to school and are now doing what you were meant to do. You are talented and will no doubt be successful in your new career.

Still I can't believe you are 23.


Geez! I am getting old!

Oh, and yes, I will be joining you for dinner tonight......

It's not everyday my Angel turns 23......

Love you!

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