Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I almost forgot my password to this

blog, it's been so long!

Not much to report.

Just a little randomness....

* Last week had some drama with our TV. Drama still continues this week, but I have vowed not to make it overcome my life.
* Didn't enter any State Fair entries....came up and took me by surprise, and well I just didn't see anything "worthy"
* Speaking of which, I need to get my MO to the JO back. If anyone would like to have family pictures taken of them for the low low discount price of.....let's say FREE! Let me know. I wanna try and get my MoJo back.
* Scott's birthday was last Sunday. Didn't celebrate too much. Small dinner party and a 1/2 gallon of crown make the boy happy. Next year, he will be the big 4-0. Major party!
* I love my ipod.
* I got the new album from Pat Monohan and I am really digging it. He is the lead singer of Train.
* I obsessed with Flickr.
* I still love George Michael.
* I am getting over Howard. He makes a new cd and that's it. No tours no play on the radio. Boy needs to get a new PR team.
* Winter is coming and I am not looking forward to Scott's dry skin situation. If anyone has advice on how to "cure" it. I am all ears!
* Speaking of ears, Sadie noticed how tiny my ears are and so I measured them. They are exactly 2 inches. I told you this would be random.
* Still writing in the journal. Once I fill it, I may burn it. LOOOOTTTSSS of private things there.
* No, not *that* kind of private. pervs
* Oh, I bought a new watch today! Needed a new battery in my old one, didn't feel like going to get a new battery, bought a new watch instead. Thank to Billy, used my birthday gift certificate.
*Is anyone still reading?
*I wouldn't be if I were you.....

So, I will leave you with this....

Peace out!

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