Friday, September 14, 2007

2 hours of my life, I will never get back

Because I turned my house UPSIDE DOWN looking for my copy of Season 1.

Why? Do you ask?

Was I going to watch it?

That would be a big fat NO!

The reason I felt the need to find it, is because I had just recently purchased Season 3 (haven't watched it, but I got it) and wanted to have all 3 seasons together.

That's right, I have OCD.

If they belong together, they need to BE together.

Seasons 1-6 of Will & Grace are together and that makes me happy.

What doesn't make me happy is that when I spend 2 hours looking for something that was in the right place and the place that I checked at least 7 times before.

And yes, I was fully prepared to purchase it again if I couldn't find it....

I got it that bad.....the OCD.

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