Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Deal or No Deal!

Did you see it last night????? No? Then you are in for a treat!!!

Ok, the man's name was Hyoung Poung, and yes, he is from China. Anyway when he picked number 8 as his case to keep, I was hooked. Not sure if you know, but my favorite number is......8. I was born 8/8/1969 and will be throwing ONE HELL OF A PARTY next year on 8/8/08!!!

Anyway, the point.

He picked case number 8 and proceeded to chose more and more cases. As the show progressed, his story was revealed. His parents arrived from China with exactly $750 in their pocket and made a life for him and his siblings. They were the cutest couple. His Mom was exuberant and his Dad was alot like mine, quiet. As he continued to open cases, the deals came....yadda yadda yadda.

He gets to the last 4 cases on the board and the money left was...





He has to pick one case.......

He chooses case number 24 and you guessed it, it contained $500,000. So now that is left on the board is...





All derivatives of $750 The odds of that happening are AMAZING in of itself. But he is holding case number 8!!!! And case number 8 may hold the largest prize.

This whole time while he has been given offers, his Dad quietly sits and offers no verbal wisdom, perhaps its his quietness that he offers. Who knows, one thing is for sure, he is a humble man and one who has worked hard throughout his life to provide for his family.

The decision is now at hand. The offer is $241,000 for the DEAL or open one more case if he decides NO DEAL. He thinks about it and says, "even though this seems to be fate, I have to take the money" So he takes the Deal.

Howie then asks, if he didn't choose, which case would he open? He chooses it, and yes, it contained the $750,000. He made a great deal.

What was inside his case number 8? This is where it gets deep......

It held $750. The exact amount of money that his parents had when they came from China. It was surreal. At that moment, his parents were sobbing as Howie handed over the case to them. This was full circle.

It made me and Scott both cry!!!!

And there you have it, who needs Tivo, you have me! Ha!

Tune into tonight's American Idol. We will be celebrating at Case de Algire where we will be dining on tostadas YUMMY! and a not so pretty cake. I made the cake and it was fluffy as all hell and I ran out of frosting!!!??? Billy will laugh, but its going to be good!

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