Monday, July 31, 2006

Since some of you asked....

Here is why I have the nickname of Eddie....

My dear cousin Steve said that I looked like Eddie Van Halen in high Eddie is a boy, should I be offended? ha!

Actually I must say that my hair is pretty damn cool here....guess I spent so much time on my hair, I forgot to wear makeup.....ACK!

So there you have it.....reason why I bear the nickname Eddie....funny thing is. he still calls me that....but now my hair resembles an oompa loompa....I don't think I will tell him that, I will stick w/ Eddie.

1 comment:

Mizz Marie said...


please ohhhhh PLLLLEEEEASE post the pic of your current pic and the oompa pic lmfao!!!

*makes air guitar gesture*

party on on!!!!