Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ola! Como Estas?

And that folks is the extent of my spanish....unless you count the bad words....oh wait, I do know...Un Tengo lapiz rojo...but not sure if "I have a red pen" will get me far in life...HA!

How was everyone's 4th of July? Mine was fabulous! We went to the FOP and enjoyed the pool and good times....notice how I didn't say good food? Well let me splain why....Now picture it, I get there and I am STARVING and so is my mother. When we are hungry, WATCH OUT! My mother has been known to cut to the front of the line at a Las Vegas buffet. So, we get our burgers, sit down, take a bite...and mine tastes funny. ...I take another bite thinking maybe its just me...nope, still tastes like ass. Just as I am about to say something, my mother says in a not so pleasant voice, "this is a soy burger" It was like the scene from Vacation when the dog peed on the sandwiches....and my Aunt Ruth was Imogene Coca and kept eating it. It was so funny! I decided then that I did not care for soy. Hell, I don't even know what soy is! Anyway, thanks to brother, he brought a pizza and the day was saved.

The best part about the FOP was getting to see my Godson Julian. I hadn't seen him for so long. He is so handsome and it was great seeing him. Also, Scott and my Uncle Hank took 1st place in the horseshoe tournament and won $25 each! Though, I bursted Scott's bubble when I told him I owed my brother $20. HA!

After the FOP we headed over the TNT's house and she looked so cute in her red, white, & blue dress and her pig tails...she looked so cute I wanted to bite her! We hung out there for a while then made our way home....all in all it was a fabulous day!

I would post pictures but I haven't felt like being in my scraproom lately...maybe tonight..

Take care!

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