Thursday, June 22, 2006


For those of you who read my blog and do not sit next to me to hear my daily rants with Dish Network, pull up a chair, and hold on for life!

Scott and I bought a fabulous tv with High Definition...LOVE THE TV!...Now because the TV is High Def (hd) we had to have DISH Network....Sooo...we paid Dish 350.00 for the HD receiver that has DVR (recording) and another receiver that I have in my scrap room. After a while we noticed that the HD tv would pixilate and cause the screen to freeze up. So, I call Dish and they send someone out to look at it, he touched a few things and said it would be fine....WAS IT???!!! NO! It kept happening and each time I would call and someone would come out to "fix" it. Finally was told that its a "software" issue with the dish and that they did not know when it would be fixed, but would put another dish on top of my house and hoped that would take care of it. Did it work, you ask? NO!!! They then switched the receiver itself out thinking that would solve it. Did that work? Again, NO! So now I have 2 dishes on top of my house, a brand new receiver and all new hardware and the thing still freaking pixilates. Since then I have paid the 1st bill of $130.00 making it a grand total of just under $500. We still have a pixilation. Fast forward to last friday. The tech came looked at our system and as honest and said that there is nothing he can do. We have ALL new equipment and the only thing that can fix it would be the software. So I simply ask him WHEN IS THE SOFTWARE GOING TO BE DOWNLOADED???!!! He replied he did not know, but offered a suggestion to switch the the existing receivers for 2 other receivers that have no problems and until that is done we were to not pay DISH for services.....SOUNDS SIMPLE RIGHT? Well guess what???!!! Its not that simple! I just got a call from James the mangaer and he said they couldn't switch out the receivers unless they charged me. WTF!!!???? You want to charge me for your product that doesn't work???!!! What brand of crack are you on? I told him that was unacceptable and he said there is nothing he could do. I asked him when the software would be downloaded, he said he didn't know. I then said, that is fine, continue to pay my dish until the software is downloaded and be prepared to come to my house every evening to ck my system until the situation is taken care of..OR! exchange my receivers so that I have a working product.....I asked him the price of the switch just for shits and giggles and he told me it would be around $100. So, here is the fun part....They would rather come to my house EVERY DAY and pay my bill EVERY MONTH until this is fixed INSTEAD of switching out my equipment and waiving the $100 fee.

Again, wondering what brand of crack they are on, so that if I ever do drugs I can make sure to get me some of that.

So what is the status now you ask? After laughing at the obsurdity of the situation, he is going to make a few more phone calls and get back with me before 4. Note to James.....I am smack dab in the the middle of PMS, so have caution!

**EDITED** James the Manger just called and said that they will be at my house tomorrow morning to switch out our receivers at no charge. He said that he empathized with me and that all is taken care of. I have been known to be a persuasive person at times, and will bitch enough until I get what I feel is right...something I got from my Mom. So to all of you who are thinking of getting dish network, DO NOT GET THE 625 receiver!!!


SENIDA said...


T0meka said...

You have the Dish Man practically living with you and you have NOT called me over to drool???

I'm extreamly disappointed in you..*le sigh* and to think....he could be my future Ex.

TNT'S NINA said...

LMFAO! Tina, that is the ONLY time that I enjoyed the dish guy to come over, and believe me I request him each time...

We shall see what the dish man bringeth tomorrow!

T0meka said...

All I'm saying is......QUIT HOLDING OUT!!!!!