Monday, June 26, 2006

My Brother Billy

This is a picture of my little brother Billy. Not Bill. Not Willy. Not William. Sometimes BIIIIILLLLLL!!!! (my mother's bellowing) but always Billy. He was named after our grandfather and our uncle and his full name is William Kurtz Algire II. Billy.

If you scroll down you can see how much he resembles our Dad. He and I both look like our father. We have the forehead that can also be used as a billboard, the lips, and I have the color of eyes. :) What we got from our mother is our long fingers and I am glad to say her nail beds. I think I look my Mom but there is no denying this boy looks like his father. He shaved his mustache and it is like looking at a mini me version of John.

So there you go. Oh... sorry ladies, he is taken. Not sure why I wrote that because the only people who read my blog are my family and they know he is taken....(hey denise!)


P.S. Be sure to tune in tomorrow....when sunscreen is not applied.

1 comment:

Mizz Marie said...

hmmm I didn't know he settled on a a flavor...?? good for you Billy!!!

P.S....STILL LMFAO at "when sunscreen is not applied.....