Wednesday, September 05, 2007

(referring to earlier post)

It's a darn good thing I don't have to pull out the hooker shoes....because with some help, I now have a damn fast computer!!!

I, Josette Myrick, although capable of some electronic things but not most, have installed more RAM on my computer.

I went from 250 mb (slower than ass) to 1.2 GB and by this weekend, will be at a lightening fast 2.0 gb of ram....which means what to you?

Not a damn thing!! LOL

But it means to me, faster editing and more picture taking!! In case I didn't take enough pictures.

Speaking of taking pictures, I took a few/75 of TNT this weekend and now that she can voice her opinions, she not so kindly asked me to stop. Did I? Hell NO! I continued. It then got to the point that when she saw my camera, she hid her face with her hand. Smart girl.

If you would like to see these pictures and you are not creepy.....set up a Flickr acct and add me as a friend. If I agree that you are not creepy, I will add you and you can see the pictures I take of her.

She has grown so much and even though she hates it, I will be taking more and more pictures of her and editing them with my mad ram skills!

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