Thursday, April 05, 2007

2801 Christine NE

This is where we lived (as mentioned in an earlier post) It's scheduled to close on April 16th. According to the MLS it has pergo floors throughout. Guess the yellow shag carpet wasn't their thing...... **ETA** When I text messaged Billy about the house, I told him that there were pergo floors throughout. His reply was (and I quote) "You mean they didn't like the blue floors & sparkling linoleum in the front bathroom??" I was LMFAO!!! (Mom, that means Laughing My Fucking Ass Off) I memmer the floor in the bathroom, it had glitter!!!

One thing I was surprised though, I never knew exactly how big that house was only 1280 sq ft. It was planned well, cuz you could hold 40 or 50 people in there with no problem....

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