Wednesday, February 21, 2007

GO Lorraine It's your Birthday!!!

This is a shout out to one of my favorite people, Ms. Lorraine Martinez. She is pictured here in the front right wearing blue and black. Pictured with her is her sister Laura (front left) and her friends Lucci and Lucinda.

What I love about Lorraine is that she is a beautiful person both on the outside as well as the inside. She single hand idly raised her son Ruben (with some help from friends and family) into a fine young man. She is the first to roll up her sleeves when its needed and she is the best one to sit next to when having a cold one. She loves her music and loves her friends and family, and I am better for being one of them.

So, here's to you my friend! Let's celebrate soon!

Love ya!

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