Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Before and after....

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
So! Remember when I said earlier that I had pictures of my scrap room but couldn't find them? Well the Gods must have been listening, because before I could take more pictures, my gracious brother gave me his office furniture.....
I was thrilled with the old/new desk that I got from my office. It was HUGE!! It took Scott and Rory a long time to get it in the room. Scott even said that when we move, the desk stayed. It was that much of a pain in his ass.
Then just a mere 2 weeks later, my brother sold his beautiful home and generously gave me his office furniture. You should have seen me going up to Scott and telling him that! HA!
I told him that I would take the old one apart and set up the new one, all he needed to do was deliver it. Simple Simon!
Early Sunday morning I got up and removed everything out, took out the old one and went with Scott to get the new one. When we got it home, I panicked. It was mostly put together but partly not. I knew Scott was not going to help me and my brother was far too busy with his own house, and you all know me.....I want it done yesterday. As luck would have it, Rory's son didn't have any plans and I paid him fifty bucks. The best damn fifty bucks I have ever spent. The boy is so smart and we got it up in about 3 hours.....
I love my new room so much that I go in there turn on the lights and just admire it.
I am so lucky to have a brother with expensive taste!!!

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