Thursday, November 16, 2006

20 Questions....

one. I am a wife, friend, daughter, sister, and a Nina.
two. Billy knows me best.
three. I feel the need to break out in song at random times.
four. the most important thing in my life is my family.
five. I always carry my cell phone.
six. I think my Mom is the smartest prettiest person I know.
seven. I’m at my happiest when the house is clean and there's nothing pressing to do.
eight. on a Monday morning, you can find me in the same spot as tuesday morning, wednesday morning, thursday ...
nine. my favorite food ingredient is salt. (just like my Dad).
ten. my eyes see beautiful things through my camera lens.
eleven. my favorite material possession is a 3 way tie between my phone, camera, & ipod.
twelve. to relax, I like to go in my craft room and shut the door to the world outside.
thirteen. the town I live in is the same damn one I have always lived in.
fourteen. my worst habit is rolling of my fingers over my thumb nail….look for it.
fifteen. my guilty pleasure is grey goose and cranberry juice.
sixteen. when I look at someone, the first thing I see is their teeth.
seventeen. I think i answered this question under #6
eighteen. I can live without dogs….really they are just giant shit machines.
nineteen. I wish I had a child of my own.
twenty. my life is pretty damn ok.

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Steph...the favorite cousin- to the second power (My mom's 1st) said...

About that whole "I am..." Uhh....What am I? Chopped liver? You're not a cousin, but you are a nina? If it wasn't for you being a COUSIN-you wouldn't be a NINA!!! Gaaawww!