Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Scott!!!!

Well, actually his "official" birthday is tomorrow...but since I have slowpoke dial up, his shout out is today...

Random reasons why I love this man...

* He is good to his mother.
* He is good to me.
* He is good to TNT.
* He is patient, kind, and easy going.
* He is funny.
* He is squishy and a good cuddler.
* He lets me buy lots of things without fuss.
* He is loyal.
* He has incredible green eyes.
* He likes to cook and helps me clean.
* He unlocks the door when I am on my way home so I don't have to put all 7 of my bags down to find the key...(this is HUGE!)
* He tells me he loves me ALL THE TIME!
* He is a saver. (another huge thing!)
* He is a hard worker.
* He is a great friend to me and others.
* He is a good kisser.

He is all of these things and sooo much more....

Love you honey!

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